Meeting with prof. Luybomir Lazov under the project “Refugees are parents”

On July 16, 2019, the Chairperson of the Bulgarian Council on Refugees and Migrants Dr. Kina Sabeva held a meeting with Prof. Lyubomir Lazov from Technical University of Gabrovo for presentation of the project “Refugees Parents” and discussion for potential collaboration.

The project is focused on refugee parents, as through their training and development conditions for the growth of healthy young people will be created, which will benefit both them and the whole society. As a result of the research that will be carried out within the project, the maximum number of parents will be reached and the necessary knowledge to solve specific problems related to the education of their children will be given through individual trainings, conferences, panels and meetings. The project seeks to get support from all public sectors, institutions and organizations in the most appropriate way.

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