(Български) Информационен материал Интеграция на бежанци в България – април 2019

The BCRM developed a brief information material “Integration of Refugees in Bulgaria”, April 2019.

The material provides the following information:

  • Current statistics on refugees in Bulgaria for the period January-March 2019
  • Basic principles of the Ordinance for integration of refugees
  • The Experience of the Vitosha District of the Sofia Municipality in the Integration of Resettlement Refugees
  • Information Session in Plovdiv Municipality: Local Integration of Refugees: Chance for Development
  • Refugee employment – a key to the needs of the labor market in Bulgaria
  • HUMANS IN THE LOOP – the first social enterprise for refugees in Bulgaria
  • “Mural, mural, on the wall, I’m at home after all” – Visual history of women from Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine

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